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This CV is no longer current. It is hosted online as an example of a multi-page CV prepared by Chris Eilers.

Employment target of the CV:
Part-time role as a senior-level project manager, concurrent with a transition to self-employment as an architectural designer.

[Name withheld]

Curriculum vitae

[Street address withheld in online CV]
Christchurch 8052
Mobile: [number withheld]
Home: [number withheld]

Curriculum vitae page 1
[Name withheld]

Competency profile

12 years' senior project management experience in the telecommunications industry.
Projects have focused on the continuing development of Telecom New Zealand's core telecommunication infrastructure, and broadly fall into four categories:
• Projects to evaluate technologies, products, processes or vendors and make recommendations to management
• Projects to implement new technologies that have a substantial impact on the existing network infrastructure
• Projects to introduce/upgrade technologies that have a direct impact on the customer interface
• Projects to bring a new product or service to market
Most projects have involved the introduction of new digital technologies including both hardware and software components.
Example: Assessing three candidates for a $1 billion network development partnership:
• Developed a subject matter expert matrix, a discovery agenda and an information security system, assembled subject matter expert teams, mapped teams to their counterparts in each candidate organisation, and co-ordinated a meeting programme
• Prepared a network and remuneration risk management plan for the shared-risk, shared-remuneration partnership model, aggregated scores for each selection criteria on each candidate, and presented recommendations to management
Example: Enabling and implementing the introduction of intelligent international services:
• Jointly established international technical protocols, operating standards and customer billing procedures, in international meetings with other telco representatives
• Co-ordinated multilateral information exchange throughout the process of Telecom joining an international strategic alliance
• Set up in-house provisioning and support teams for intelligent international services, specified and implemented network billing, trained staff trainers and managed roll-out
Example: Planning the first stage of a Next Generation Network data infrastructure:
• Analysed the steps of the programme in alignment with the joint Alcatel/Telecom service architecture, and prioritised the data projects in conjunction with programme planners responsible for voice and support, and in line with the marketing and technical roadmaps
• Prepared a comprehensive living document defining 40+ projects totalling $100m over a 3-year period, setting out programme deliverables and schedule, quality standards and methodology, and evaluating risks, interdependencies, assumptions and constraints
Example: Upgrading the infrastructure that mediates and transmits Telecom's billing data:
• Took over a project to develop new billing data technology at the prototype stage
• Cancelled prototype contract in light of throughput inadequacy and despite escalating failure rate of old technology, and urgently assembled an internal and external team of software and hardware engineers to redesign the key signalling interface card
• Co-ordinated agreement on the card architecture, negotiated price and delivery, contracted prototypes, acceptance tested and commissioned cards into production


Curriculum vitae page 2
[Name withheld]


2003 – currentSenior Project Manager – Integration & Services Division
Alcatel New Zealand Limited, Christchurch
Profile of organisation and Division:
• Multinational supplier of telecommunication equipment and telecommunication infrastructure management services
• As a strategic partner of Telecom New Zealand, the Integration & Services Division of Alcatel is responsible for:
The outsourced management of Telecom's core voice and data network infrastructure
The replacement of Telecom's network with a dedicated data-oriented Next Generation Network over the 2003–08 period
Role development:
• One of 7 senior Telecom project managers selected to transfer to Alcatel at the inception of the strategic partnership between Alcatel and Telecom, responsible for:
Managing the staged introduction of a new core network technology base
Providing continuity in the project management of Telecom's network services
• Following the introduction of a foundational Next Generation Network infrastructure during the first 6 months of employment, undertook sole responsibility for projects associated with the transmission of Digital Subscriber Line (JetStream) data, expanding own knowledge base to include customer interface technology and customer-facing help desk support
• Conceived and developed a methodology for capturing and quantifying all categories of project risk, subsequently adopted by other members of the project management group
1997 – 2003Programme Manager / Project Manager – Network Delivery
Telecom New Zealand Limited, Christchurch
Profile of Programme / Project Management Unit:
• Business unit established in 1997 to develop a national in-service project management capability that operated across all network technology fields and integrated technical solutions with non-technical organisational goals
Role development:
• Frequently managed multiple concurrent projects, which steadily increased in scope, complexity, financial value and risk throughout the 1997–2003 period
• Rated as among the top three out of the 100+ Telecom project managers that were selected for an external Project Manager Competency Assessment in 2000
• Conceived and developed a structured methodology for taking a new product from initial definition through to market, and conceived and developed a project plan template, both of which have been adopted in Telecom and Alcatel
• Co-conceived and presented a paper outlining the benefits and methodology of a programme administration office to a conference of the Project Management Institute of New Zealand, and facilitated the establishment of a programme office in Telecom


Curriculum vitae page 3
[Name withheld]
1993 – 1997Project Manager / Designer – New Services Area Planning and Core Design
Telecom South, Christchurch
• South Island responsibility for the planning and project-management of new technology, including the introduction of the first intelligent network services
• Member of expert group responsible for planning the introduction of a new signalling protocol, and subsequently implemented the protocol South-Island-wide
• Conceived, instigated and project-managed the development of a system allowing remote access to a Wellington-based network simulator
1988 – 1993Design & Build Engineer
Telecom New Zealand Limited, Christchurch
• Responsible for installing new telephone exchanges and new exchange equipment, including siting, purchase, design, contract management, testing and commissioning, and writing software for call traffic and network analysis
• Gained Innovation Award for conceiving and designing a tool to eliminate the risk of inadvertent customer disconnection during the testing of telephone lines
1976 – 1988Prior:
Engineering Associate, New Zealand Post Office, Christchurch, 1985–88
Telephone and Transmission Technician, NZ Post Office, Christchurch, 1982–85
Telephone Technician, NZ Post Office, Christchurch, 1976–82

Professional development

1988 – currentConferences, courses and seminars
• Participated in three annual conferences of the Project Management Institute of New Zealand, and completed training on Project Management Body of Knowledge, Negotiating and Managing Contracts, Advanced Project Management, Advanced SAP (financial management), Advanced Microsoft Project, Microsoft Project Server, Resource Management, Risk Management, Gant Scheduling, Copyright Act, Health And Safety in Employment Act, Fair Trading Act, New Zealand Standard NZS 3910: Conditions of
contract for building and civil engineering construction, Turbo Pascal, Foxpro and
Microsoft Office Suite

• Self-directed study on the Resource Management Act, quality management and risk management methodologies, time management, Foxpro, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Frontpage, Corel Suite, BoeingCalc, BoeingGraph and Visual Basic 6
1985New Zealand Certificate in Engineering (Telecommunications)
New Zealand Authority for Advanced Vocational Awards
1978Supplementary Certificate in Telephony
Christchurch Polytechnic
1977Telephone Technicians Certificate
Christchurch Polytechnic


Curriculum vitae page 4
[Name withheld]

Personal background

Full name: [Full name withheld].
Born [date withheld] in Christchurch.
Married with 4 school age children.
Educated at Mairehau High School, appointed as Prefect, University Entrance accredited.
Excellent health.
Interests include cycling, playing the keyboard, home design and renovation, reading and
family activities.
Member of Project Management Institute of New Zealand. Studying toward Project
Management Professional (PMP) examination November 2005. Member of the New
Zealand Society of Risk Management. Member of Ferrymead Post and Telegraph
Historical Society Inc.


[Name withheld]
Programme Director, Alcatel New Zealand Limited, Wellington
Currently report to [name withheld] (2005–current)
Mobile: [number withheld]
Work: [number withheld]
[Name withheld]
Project Director, Alcatel New Zealand Limited, Wellington
Reported to [name withheld] 2003–04
Mobile: [number withheld]
Work: [number withheld]
[Name withheld]
Manager – Operational Risk, Telecom New Zealand, Wellington
Reported to [name withheld] in his former role of Manager – Project Management
Mobile: [number withheld]
Work: [number withheld]
[Name withheld]
Enterprise Architect – Technology, Strategy & Architecture, Telecom Information Services, Wellington
Reported to [name withheld] in his former role of Manager – New Services 1993–97
Mobile: [number withheld]
Work: [number withheld]