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This CV is no longer current. It is hosted online as an example of a multi-page CV prepared by Chris Eilers.

Employment target of the CV:
Senior-level sales management, FMCG sector.

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[Name withheld]

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[Street address withheld in online CV]
Pukerua Bay
Wellington 6010
Mobile: [number withheld]
Home: [number withheld]

Curriculum vitae page 1
[Name withheld]


2003 – 2006Central Area Sales Manager and National Account Manager – Fuel
Bluebird Foods Ltd (formerly Goodman Fielder Limited), Wellington
Organisation profile:
• New Zealand’s largest manufacturer of snack foods and potato chips, including Bluebird snacks, Snacker muesli bars, Meadow Lea spreads, Diamond pasta, Rice Risotto, Flemings Oaten, DYC Vinegar and Edmonds baking products and cake mixes
Role development:
• As Central Area Sales Manager, responsible for:
Managing territory with an annual area sales turnover of $10.1m, and the area promotions, training and performance of 9 Bluebird Foods owner-operator distribution contractors, 2 Bluebird vending machine contractors and a vending machine technician
• Appointed as concurrent National Account Manager – Fuel 2005, responsible for:
Key account management of national convenience sales via the two Wellington head-office-based oil companies, Shell and Caltex, with a combined annual national sales turnover of $6.5m
• Following downsizing and a restructure of Bluebird’s brands 2005, employed on a fixed-term contract to facilitate the transition for Bluebird’s contractors and key accounts
Key contributions:
• In conjunction with Northern Area Sales Manager, jointly instigated and wrote Bluebird’s first-ever induction manual for new contractors
• Initiated and compiled Bluebird’s first-ever sales history database for contractors, regularly delivered individual and group performance figures to contractors, and managed the replacement of non-performing contractors
• Developed and analysed store profiles to prepare sales objectives for individual stores, and frequently accompanied contractors on sales calls to model selling skills, goal-setting of specific objectives for each sales call, and win-win negotiation techniques that develop store business as well as Bluebird sales
• Formulated a strategy for promoting product combinations to avoid direct head-to-head price comparisons with lower-priced competitor brands, and aggressively drove a focus on Bluebird loyalty and, wherever possible, exclusivity in negotiations with stores
• Jointly developed a pricing strategy with Caltex and Shell to minimise the impact of an across-the-board price increase in Bluebird’s product lines, resulting in zero negative impact on oil company sales or margin on Bluebird product
Key results:
• Central Area has consistently outperformed Northern and Southern Areas since 2003:
Bluebird contractors in the Central Area climbed to #1 out of 17 major route trade suppliers in independent market surveyor’s Supplier Satisfaction rating, well ahead of Bluebird contractors in the Northern and Southern Areas
Central Area’s sales turnover has exceeded the Northern and Southern Areas in sales performance against budget in each sales quarter 2003–current


Curriculum vitae page 2
[Name withheld]
1998 – 2003National Sales Manager
Tuckatime Foods Limited, Wellington
Organisation profile:
• Family-owned business established in 1988, manufacturing and wholesaling Tuckatime brand individually-wrapped cookies and supplying house branded cookies to a vending franchise distributor
Role development:
• Appointed to newly created role of National Sales Manager, encompassing all sales, marketing, promotions and distribution functions
• On appointment in 1998, responsible for:
Supervising 2 Sales Representatives
Managing relationships with 4 owner-operator distributors carrying Tuckatime cookies along with a wide range of other products
• In 2003, responsible for:
Managing relationships with 10 Tuckatime-exclusive owner-operator distributors and 7 non-exclusive owner-operator distributors
Personal key account management of the national and regional buyers of the two major supermarket chains, two major fuel companies, and two of the largest vending machine operators
Key contributions:
• Jointly refined brand image, created new product variants to expand the range, and developed first-ever Tuckatime point-of-sale material, in conjunction with owner-manager and independent consultant
• Analysed the advantages and disadvantages of employing sales representatives against owner-operator distributors, and switched the company distribution focus to owner-operator distributors
• Raised brand profile and gained bulk sales by developing numerous cross merchandising and giveaway promotions in conjunction with established high-profile brands
• Approached importers and manufacturers of complementary products and negotiated long-term contracts for the distribution of third-party products throughout New Zealand
Key results:
• Improved market penetration from a low-profile brand in 1998, selling to vending machine operators, some schools and a small proportion of dairies, to a recognised brand by the year 2001, distributed throughout:
The majority of major supermarket chains and North Island dairies
Convenience stores in most service stations
Independent school canteens, regional school catering companies, and the school catering division of a major national catering company
Polytechnic and university cafeterias, vending machine operators, independent supermarkets, and secondary outlets including video stores, fruit and vegetable shops, swimming pools, bowling alleys, factory canteens, golf shops, bookshops and motels
• Increased the annual sales turnover of Tuckatime brand products by 500+% over 5-year employment period, and established a substantial annual turnover in third-party products


Curriculum vitae page 3
[Name withheld]
1992 – 1998Area Franchisee, Cookie Time, Timaru
• Increased annual territory sales turnover by $400k+ over 6-year period
• Cookie Time rated own territory as the best performing out of 40 area franchises nationwide in the following categories in 1998:
Highest sales volume
Largest customer base per capita
Greatest supermarket penetration
Strongest store brand signage profile
1985 – 1992Prior:
Sales Supervisor, L Vella Ice Cream Manufacturer, London, United Kingdom, 1990–92
Sales Representative, Rosscampers Limited, Thames, United Kingdom, 1989–90
Bartender, Hibernian Hotel / City Tavern, Timaru, 1988–89
Able Cook, Royal New Zealand Navy, Auckland / Sydney / Singapore / Shanghai, 1985–88

Professional development

1992 – currentIn-service courses/seminars/workshops
Bluebird Foods / Goodman Fielder / Tuckatime Foods / Cookie Time
• Glendinning Foundation Level Training; Food Safety Passport; Law of the Jungle (Fair Trading Act); Microsoft Publisher Level 1; Consumer Behaviour; Generational Buying Patterns; Selling by Design; Brand Awareness; Account Management; Goal Setting; Motivation; Organisation and Management; Food Contamination (2); Food Safety
1985 – 1988Royal New Zealand Navy qualifications
• Able Cook; Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence; Sea Survival

Psychometric profiles

2005CRTB Critical Reasoning Test Battery
• Ability with Concepts: “in the high category”; Verbal Critical Reasoning: “within the top 10%”; Numerical Critical Reasoning: “well above average”
200515FQ+ personality profile
• “…very assertive…readily take a position of authority, organising, managing and directing others…high in social self-confidence…difficult to pull the wool over your eyes…conscious of what is appropriate to say or do…equally happy working in a group, as you are working alone…may prefer to generate the ideas…neither excessively tough-minded nor overly sensitive…serious and cautious…thorough in your approach to work…a good finisher…believing that it is important to keep to deadlines…emotionally stable…faces reality in a mature way…free from self-doubt and apprehension”


Curriculum vitae page 4
[Name withheld]

Personal background

Full name: [Full name withheld].
Born [date withheld] in Timaru.
Married with 2 children.
Educated at Mountainview High School, represented school in rugby, cross-country and wrestling, represented province in rugby, and won national intercollegiate wrestling title.
Excellent health.
Interests include running, fitness training, personal computing and family activities.
IHC Shared Care Volunteer for 2 autistic children on alternate weekends.
Member of Parents Fund-raising committee for local Primary school.
Cub Leader for Scouting New Zealand.


[Name withheld]
Category Buyer – Grocery
The Warehouse New Zealand
Reported directly to [name withheld] in her former role as National Sales Manager – Convenience, Bluebird Foods Ltd, 2004–05
Mobile: [number withheld]
Work: [number withheld]
[Name withheld]
National Sales Manager
S. C. Johnson and Son, Inc.
Reported directly to [name withheld] in his former role as National Convenience Manager, Goodman Fielder Limited, 2003–04
Mobile: [number withheld]
Work: [number withheld]
[Name withheld]
Owner and General Manager
Tuckatime Foods Limited
Mobile: [number withheld]
Work: [number withheld]