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This CV is no longer current. It is hosted online as an example of a multi-page CV prepared by Chris Eilers.

Employment target: Senior Conservation Officer in the Queensland Environmental Protection Agency.

The CV was accompanied by a publications list and a response to selection criteria.

[Name withheld]

Curriculum vitae

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Curriculum vitae page 1
[Name withheld]


Feb – Oct 2005Protected Area Management Adviser
Project profile:
• 7-year conservation project focused on two objectives:
To minimise the unsustainable exploitation of the natural environment in Virachey National Park — one of the top priority areas for conservation in Southeast Asia and home to a wide variety of endangered species, including tiger, elephant and gaur
To utilise the experiences gained in Virachey National Park to formulate models for the development of national protected areas throughout Cambodia
Role profile:
• Fixed-term contract in the penultimate year of the Project, responsible for:
Advising on Park protection and management, including the patrolling systems, staff training and performance of 51 Park Rangers operating over 344,000+ hectares
Developing strategies and guidelines on management and operational planning in protected areas for use throughout Cambodia
Key contributions:
• Introduced and co-ordinated the delivery of training courses for Rangers on Ranger jurisdiction and law enforcement, firearms maintenance and safety, and First Aid
• In conjunction with the Park Director, jointly addressed Ranger performance issues on receipt of evidence of widespread data falsification and bribe-taking:
Terminated the employment of serious offenders, and reduced patronage practices by introducing staff rotation, the panel recruitment of replacement staff and the hiring of a greater proportion of local villagers
Increased the timeliness of wage bonus payments, established a staff life insurance fund and introduced non-financial performance-based incentives
Developed patrolling plans focused on priority threats
• Jointly co-ordinated the collection of evidence for a landmark Court case on illegal logging
• Prepared key Park documents:
Consulted with stakeholders, wrote, and jointly co-ordinated the implementation of a 3-year Park protection strategy
Co-ordinated specialist input and prepared staff competency profiles and draft performance appraisal forms for all Park roles
Wrote Park guidelines for working with partner organisations
Developed a manual for protected-area reporting to the Ministry of Environment
Rewrote and extensively expanded a draft research policy for protected areas for the Ministry of Environment, in preparation for wider stakeholder consultation
Aug 2004 – Feb 2005Travel / lectures / writing contract
• Visited protected areas in Canada, USA and New Zealand, and delivered lectures on conservation at Lincoln University and Landcare Research, New Zealand
• Wrote a chapter on field work for a Landcare Research manual on capacity building in developing countries


Curriculum vitae page 2
[Name withheld]
May 2003 – Jul 2004Conservation Biologist
Mar – May 2003Conservation Management and Operational Plan Consultant
Sep 2000 – Dec 2002Conservation Biologist
Cat Tien National Park Conservation Project, a joint initiative of Cat Tien National Park and World Wide Fund for Nature, Vietnam
Project profile:
• 6-year conservation project based in the largest national park in southern Vietnam, with a focus on two critically endangered species, the Javan rhino and Siamese crocodile
Role profile:
• Employed as sole conservation biologist in the last 4 years of the project:
Initially appointed on a 2-year fixed-term contract via Volunteer Service Abroad in 2000
Reappointed on a short-term contract, followed by a long-term contract, in 2003
• Responsible for:
Planning, implementing and reporting on research and management activities
Facilitating the transfer of conservation management skills and conservation awareness
Key contributions:
• Monitored the Javan rhino, the rarest large mammal in the world, the Vietnamese subspecies of which contains less than 10 animals found only in Cat Tien National Park:
Conducted photo-trapping and managed the Park's rhino patrol unit, restructuring the unit and introducing performance based remuneration 2003
Photo-trapping produced 4 new photographs of the subspecies (adding to only 10 extant photographs), including the first photograph to confirm the presence of a female rhino
• Undertook responsibility for the first-ever re-establishment programme for the Siamese crocodile, which had become almost extinct in the wild:
Managed the relationship with crocodile farmers as donors of the crocodiles, and took DNA samples to pre-screen for hybrids
Co-ordinated the largest release of crocodiles (30) and initiated post-release monitoring
Re-establishment programme has resulted in a stable, reproducing population to date
• Oversaw multiple biological research and management activities:
Conducting habitat and species inventories, and ecological research
Controlling invasive weeds, establishing photo-points and planting bamboo fences
• Introduced management techniques new to national parks in Vietnam:
Controlled burning as a fire management tool
Culling of an alien invasive primate species and alien/endemic species’ hybrids
Establishing man-made salt licks for elephants and rhinos
• Developed a species identification course for Park Rangers and eco-tourism guides
• Represented WWF at the first national workshop on invasive species held in Vietnam
• Compiled data, consulted with stakeholders and wrote key Project documents:
5-year Park Conservation Management and Operational Plan
5-year Strategy for the Science and Technical Department of the Park
Successful application for nomination of the Cat Tien National Park and surrounding areas as a UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve
Evaluation reports on species status, habitat/species management activities, cost breakdowns, conservation results and future requirements


Curriculum vitae page 3
[Name withheld]
1993 – 2000Prior:
Author – Biodiversity group, Christchurch City Council, Christchurch, New Zealand, 2000
Research Assistant, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, 1999–2000
Assistant to Curator of Vertebrate Zoology, Canterbury Museum, New Zealand, 1999
Tertiary studies, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, 1993–98


1999Master of Science with First Class Honours in Zoology
University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
• An abstract of the thesis: “The Feeding Ecology of Bellbirds at Craigieburn Forest Park” was presented as a paper at a joint conference of the New Zealand Ecological Society and the Ecological Society of Australia 1998
1996Bachelor of Science in Zoology
University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

Personal background

Full name: [Full name withheld]. Born [date withheld] in Mumbai, India. Excellent health.
Hold New Zealand and British (European Union) passports, car and motorbike licenses.
Interests include hiking, archery, travel, nature photography, playing bass guitar, soccer, documentary and creative writing.
Memberships: Australasian Wildlife Management Society
  Ecological Society of New Zealand
  New Zealand Ornithological Society
  Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos Support Network


[Name withheld] .......... [phone number withheld]
Senior Project Adviser, Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management Project, Cambodia
[Name withheld] .......... [phone number withheld]
Park Director, Virachey National Park, Cambodia
[Name withheld] .......... [phone number withheld]
Itinerant conservation adviser / project leader with a home base in the Netherlands
Reported to [both names withheld] in role as Protected Area Management Adviser, Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management Project, Cambodia. Reported to [name withheld] in role as Conservation Biologist, Cat Tien National Park Conservation Project, Vietnam.