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About my CV/career services

My CV/career services suit:–

• Those seeking positions in competitive employment sectors who want a CV at the top of the pile
• Those in less competitive employment fields who want a CV prepared while they wait, without the fuss and bother of filling in forms, and with the advantages of working one‑on-one with a professional CV writer

Examples of effectiveness in competitive employment sectors:–

• Rewrote a CV for a Chief Executive — who previously had a CV written by an executive recruitment agent (at $300/hour), and before that another CV written by an executive recruitment agent, neither of which were successful in getting interviews — and my client secured the first position we applied for
• The Principal of a prominent private school publicly acknowledged that she wouldn’t have secured the position without the CV I prepared for her
• A client of mine — and an employer of hundreds of sales staff in a high-profile company — told me that “If someone values their career enough to get a CV written by Chris Eilers, I’ll automatically interview them”
• A recruiter of flight attendants regularly gave out copies of the CV I’d prepared for her to students attending a course focused on airline roles, saying “This is the kind of CV we want in the airlines”
• There’ve been several instances where an executive recruitment agent has said that the CV I prepared for my client was the best they’d ever seen

About me


• CV/career consultant since December 1992 (27+ years)
•  Interviewed 100+ employers to find out what they liked
and didn’t like in CVs and covering letters, and
discussed — and continue to discuss — CV/career
questions with HR specialists and executive recruiters
• Prior to CV/career work, employed up to 13 staff myself
as the owner-manager of two manufacturing
businesses, which gave me a good grasp of the basic
information employers are looking for when they read a CV
• During my work as a professional CV writer, I’ve built up a knowledge base that’s useful for many CVs — a knowledge of the policies, practices and values specific to different industry sectors, and of the mechanics involved in numerous specialist roles, from aircraft technician to system administrator

If I work with you on a CV, I’ll target it toward a position or employment sector for which there’s a realistic chance that you’ll be employed — and if there’s no chance that your current background fits your career goals, I’ll explain why it doesn’t. Unfortunately, far too many CVs are poorly targeted, fail to capture all of the person’s key accomplishments, and contain useless fluff that does no more than build self-esteem at the expense of the person’s career.

Naturally, client confidence is a vital prerequisite for a recruitment interview, and many of my clients have said that the CV I’ve prepared has substantially strengthened their confidence, one indicator of which is that at least half a dozen of my clients immediately went into business themselves and left the CV I wrote them unused. More important, for most clients, is the fact that the CV preparation process resuscitated their memory of their key accomplishments, and summarised them in writing, which is an ideal first step in preparing for recruitment interviews.

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