Consultancy costs and estimates


Quick price guide

 Multi-page CVs — suitable for experienced managers, specialist professionals and roles in government. All-up price range: NZ$300–1,500. A typical all-up price is NZ$1,000.
 Single-page CVs/résumés with a photo (or in a similar format without a photo) — suitable for graduates, customer service roles and many specialist roles. All-up price range: NZ$150–500. A typical all-up price is NZ$250 (not including a photo).
 Single-session, single-page CVs/résumés — suitable for many tradespeople and entry-level roles. All-up price range: NZ$100–250. A typical all-up price is NZ$150.
 Application-specific submissions — including Self Assessments and KSAs. All-up price range: NZ$150–1,500. A typical all-up price is NZ$1,000.

Hourly rates, payment terms, estimates and third-party funding

Hourly rates

Consultation is charged to individuals at NZ$100 per hour and to organisations (third-party funders of an individual’s CV) at NZ$150 per hour. (GST is included whenever applicable.)

Payment terms

If consultancy is charged to an individual, payment for each consultancy session is due at the time of the session. Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard, cheque or cash is accepted in person, and Visa or Mastercard is accepted by phone.

If consultancy is charged to an organisation, payment (on pro-forma invoice) is due within 7 days.

Consultancy estimates

If desired, a time range for CV preparation — or other services — is estimated after talking over your job target and background during a free no-obligation first meeting. I generally schedule an hour for a first meeting.

CV and/or career management services funded by a third party

Some employers (and insurance companies) will fund the preparation of a CV/résumé (e.g., for employees who have been made redundant) and some employers fund career management services, which is sometimes categorised as Professional Supervision.

If a third party is willing to fund the preparation of your CV/résumé and/or other career management services, I’ll provide you with a pro-forma invoice or invoices based on an estimate of the time involved. Please note that expenditure on a CV/résumé or career management service targeted to most positions (those in which NZ PAYE tax is deducted) is not tax-deductible in New Zealand, so I see no point in issuing anything other than a receipt in these cases.

Costs breakdown for CV/résumé preparation

Multi-page CVs

Suitable for experienced managers and specialist professionals, or any job target that requires detailed information on your employment background, such as a role in government. The minimum estimated time range for multi-page CVs is 3–5 hours (NZ$300–500) and the maximum estimated time range is 10–15 hours (NZ$1,000–1,500).

The majority of multi-page CVs are estimated at 8–12 hours (NZ$800–1,200), and many estimates include the preparation of an application letter for a specific employment vacancy. Multi-page CVs generally range from 2 to 5 pages (plus a cover page), depending on your employment target and background. In addition to the preparation time, some multi-page CVs include a photo, as detailed below.

Online examples:

  Multi-page CV without a photo (3 pages plus a 3-page publications list)

Single-page CVs/résumés with a photo (or in a similar format without a photo)

Suitable for most graduates, most roles that involve dealing directly with the public, and many specialist roles that demand prior experience in the field, and perhaps supervisory experience, but don’t require a detailed breakdown of your experience. (As a general rule, recruiters in some employment sectors don’t want to wade through a lot of information.)

The majority of single-page CVs/résumés are estimated at 2–3 hours (NZ$200–300). Complex employment backgrounds or substantial performance indicators can increase this estimate to 3–5 hours (NZ$300–500). Occasionally, single-page CVs/résumés for graduates with little relevant work experience are estimated at 1½–2½ hours (NZ$150–250). In addition to the preparation time, single-page CVs/résumés generally include a photo, as detailed below.

Online examples:

Single-session, single-page CVs/résumés

Suitable for tradespeople whose skills are in demand, many entry-level roles that don’t have a high customer service component, and other roles where there is little serious competition among job seekers. The time range is estimated at either 1–2 hours (NZ$100–200) or 1½–2½ hours (NZ$150–250).

Online examples:

  Single-session CV/résumé (typical of the 1–2 hours’ range)
  Single-session CV/résumé (typical of the 1½–2½ hours’ range)

CV/résumé photos

If you already have an up-to-date photo that could be suitable for your CV, or have a friend who can take one, email it to me and I’ll review it for suitability. Alternatively, you can get your photo taken at a photographer I recommend, which will cost NZ$40. Either way, I’ll digitally enhance the photo, which will cost approximately NZ$50. For information on the value of including a photo in a CV/résumé, see: Including a photo in your CV/résumé.

Estimates for other career-related services

Letter writing

Letters to accompany multi-page CVs generally range between 25 minutes and 2½ hours. Letters to accompany single-page CVs/résumés generally take 25–45 minutes.

Interview preparation

Interview preparation sessions for positions targeted with multi-page CVs can involve one or two — or even up to six — 2½-hour sessions. Interview preparation sessions for positions targeted with single-page CVs/résumés generally involve a single 2½ hour session.

Application-specific submissions

Applications for positions in government or the not-for-profit sector often require written submissions in addition to a CV/résumé and covering letter. These range from open-ended questions in application forms through to detailed statements in response to the selection criteria, which are sometimes referred to as Self Assessments or KSAs (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities statements).

Also, for positions in UN agencies, which require applications in a highly structured format, the CV itself will need to be rewritten in their specific format.

Application-specific submissions can range from preparing answers to a couple of open-ended questions in an online application (1½–2½ hours) through to detailed statements involving one page per criterion for 5–6 criteria (8–15 hours).
Online example:

  Application-specific submission (One page per criterion for 5 criteria)

Advice-only for preparing CVs or application-specific submissions

Dependent on your budget. The minimum useful time is a 1–1½ hour session at the point where you have prepared a first draft. If you can budget a greater time, I’d suggest two 1–1½ hour sessions, one at (or before) the first draft, and one when you have prepared a close-to-final draft.

Career assessment and planning, speeches, business strategy and leaflets

These — and other services outlined on the CV/career services page — are estimated on a case-by-case basis.

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