Getting a photo taken for your CV/résumé


Getting a CV photo in Christchurch

Choose clothing suitable for a job interview

The photographic image will be cropped to show your head and shoulders only, so this is the area to focus on. For men — a business shirt and tie, with or without a jacket. For women — it’s best to avoid a low neckline.

Visit Tadaaki Kusaka

Visit Tadaaki Kusaka at “The Best Passport Photo and Portrait Studio in town“, 233 Waimairi Road, Ilam. Tadaaki’s studio is open between 8:45 am and 7:00 pm on weekdays or between 10:00 am and 7:00 pm on Saturdays or between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm on Sundays. The cost of several CV photos will be $40.00 GST inclusive. No appointment is necessary but you can phone Tadaaki on 03 357 4056 or 027 437 4113.

Tell Tadaaki that you've been referred by Chris Eilers

This is important — if you simply ask for CV photos, Tadaaki may not crop the photos to suitable dimensions. Also, the photo itself may not be suitable. Tadaaki knows what I want in a CV photo — direct eye contact with the camera, a full, professional smile, a mid-sky or grey background, and two or three digital images via email.

Make sure that your hair and clothing are tidy

This is a quick, while-you-wait service — you will need to take responsibility for taming stray wisps of hair. Check in the mirror in Tadaaki’s studio. If wearing a tie, make sure the knot is central and right up to the collar line.

Avoid moisturiser if wearing makeup

Under studio lighting moisturiser can make your cheeks and/or forehead look shiny and greasy. If powdering your face, the best option is to use an astringent wipe or mattifying agent before applying the powder.

Face the camera square on with your head upright

You will be seated on an angle to the camera, and asked to turn your head towards it. The camera will be placed slightly higher than the level of your head. Tilt your head up slightly to face the camera square on. Try to avoid tilting your head sideways.

Greet the photographer with a full, professional smile

Photographers often want to get people to look cute and lovable for the family album. The aim here is to look friendly, businesslike and employable. If Tadaaki cracks a joke to encourage a smile, try to avoid an expression of mirth.

Check the result and select the best two or three images

Tadaaki will then email me the digital images for your CV.

Getting a CV photo outside Christchurch

If you’re not in a position to visit Christchurch during the CV preparation process, you’ll need to find a photographer who has a full complement of studio equipment, including a soft light source — a softbox or photographic umbrella, not a front flash — and a reflector or secondary light source. Tell the photographer that I want a sky-blue or grey background, a full, professional smile and direct eye contact, with your body on a slight angle to the camera and your head upright and square on to the camera. Show the photographer the CV photos at

It’s important that I receive your photographic images uncropped, so that I can make any minor adjustments to the vertical alignment that may be necessary. Ask the photographer to email me two or three low-compression JPEG images at their original resolution, typically 1Mb+ per photo file.

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